Thematic walking path

On a walk in the Ravenska Kočna valley you can catch a glimpse into the past of this beautiful mountain landscape and observe how a glacier changed the surface and how the forces of nature are continuously changing the landscape in front of our eyes. An undemanding route leads along the Jezernica stream and across meadows, from where majestic vistas open towards the northern faces of the Kamnik–Savinja Alps and the highest peak of Mt Grintovec. Along the way you will learn about the formation of this glacial valley, its rich fauna and flora, and all the other landmarks which make the RavenskaKočna valley well worth a visit.

Start /finish: in the proximity of Planšarsko jezero lake
N: 46.400890 E: 14.522734

The furthest points:

  • viewpoint (1,123m)
  • cargo cable cars (1,095m)

Length: 8km

Walking time: 3 hrs

Grade: easy way marked hiking route